Get involved with App Development during Global Jams!

Calling all Local Community teams!

Do you wanted to know what App Development in Ubuntu and Ubuntu touch is all about? Then read on…

Daniel and David from the Canonical Community Team have put together some materials on App Development in Ubuntu and they are planning sessions to help you also to contribute to the Ubuntu Touch through Global Jam events.

Seems interesting? Read on the original blog post by Daniel Holbach here.

Get involved and get your hands dirty with Ubuntu Touch!

Happy learning and happy hacking!

14.04 DVDs/CDs: Pre-Orders now open for verified LoCo Teams!

Hello, everyone!

As you read it, pre-orders for 14.04 DVDs/CDs are now open for verified LoCo Teams. Only the team contacts should request this DVD/CD pack, which will be sent to the address they specify. These packs contain 150 Desktop DVDs and 25 Server CDs. Packs will start shipping when available, which is estimated to be two (2) weeks after release.

In order to put an order, the team contact needs to go here and place their pre-order.

If you have any questions, please write to us at

LoCo Teams Update On Air!

As you read it. From now on, Philip Ballew, Nathan Haines, Pablo Rubianes and I (José Antonio Rey) will be hosting a monthly LoCo Teams Update session at Ubuntu on Air!.

For these to be a success, we need your help. The updates will have news from the LoCo Council, and will also highlight what LoCo Teams are doing around the world! That means, if your LoCo Team is having an event or wants to be mentioned on the show for something they are going to do or have already done, you need to tell us so we can feature it.

All LoCo Teams are welcome to send their news to us so they can be featured on the show. Just send an email to, and make sure to start the subject with [LoCo Update]. An example of a subject would be “[LoCo Update] Release party hosted!” (don’t forget to mention which LoCo Team this is coming from!)

You can send text so we can read, but you can also send us your pictures and photos of the event, so we can show them to the world on this show. These sessions are all about you and your LoCo Team, so we are totally welcome to suggestions about what can be done in the future to improve the show. We may even start having some guests from LoCo Teams! Also, we will be using the #ubuntu-on-air channel on (Click here to join from your browser) to host discussion about the session. Anyone is welcome to come!

Our first session is going to be on Saturday, March 22nd, at 19 UTC. From that point on, we will be having sessions on the fourth Saturday each month, at the same time. You will be able to see the sessions at the Ubuntu on Air! calendar.

We hope to see you there, and expect to receive many news to be featured on the show!

Interim Report on 2014 Census Effort

With regards to the recent census effort by the LoCo Council, it is necessary to provide an interim report as to our results.

Out of the 161 teams that could potentially be contacted, members of the Council were able to send messages to 156. Five teams were not contacted: New Zealand, Yemen, Panama, Idaho, South Dakota. Out of the 156 teams contacted, the council only received responses from 53 teams. This results in a 1 in 2.94 hit rate for successful contact.

Far too many of our contacts resulted in replies noting that the teams existed as mere shells on Launchpad waiting for either new life or for reconfiguration perhaps. This was evident in replies received from teams in the United States of America alone, though. Others noted waning interest/lack of available time on the part of people for participating. Some teams may have incorrect contacts listed or have never updated contacts on Launchpad.

The initial view from what we’ve received is that we have some distinct “powerhouse” communities where there is activity and the rest of the surface of Earth where we need to reassess matters. Currently only 47 teams across the face of this planet are slated to be eligible for disc distributions of the 14.04 LTS we’re about two months away from release on.  Those teams are mostly grouped in Europe. Only 6 out of 50 states in the United States of America have teams eligible for discs. Australia will be able to receive discs but across the Tasman the New Zealand team has been unresponsive to the council even when we have tried to simply say hello.

This is an interim report. Teams that have not replied to us are encouraged to write to the LoCo Council at to at least show us signs of life. Notwithstanding any coding/development initiatives launched by Canonical Community Team we are deeply concerned about the health of our communities and worry about deeper yet more fundamental issues that may need to be addressed.

Team Check-Ins, coming soon to your LoCo Team!

Hello again!

This time we would like to announce that we have just started a process of team check-ins. Most team contacts should get an email from any of the members of the LoCo Council with some questions, so please make sure to respond to it as soon as you have time to. This will help us to improve how we manage things, as well as how we support teams. If you are a team contact and have not been contacted until February the 2nd, then please send us an email to If you are not a team contact you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Thanks for all your help! Make sure to stay tuned, as we will be posting some more news soon.

Defining Bug Status for the ubuntu-locoteams Project

And as promised, more news from us are coming in. We are starting this year with new plans, new ideas, and trying to refresh some things.

The ubuntu-locoteams Project on Launchpad is where issues against LoCo Teams can be filed, but is mostly used by the LoCo Council to keep track of the (re-)verification processes that are taking place. If you are a team contact or admin you may already know that we use bugs for that purpose. Personally, I like them as they are versatile, and give an option to have a (re-)verification done if the team contact cannot be present on a meeting. But sometimes team contacts, or even we, may be confused about what each bug status means on this pseudo-project. This is why we thought about it, and have created a definition for each bug status, that will be applied when a bug is set on the ubuntu-locoteams project on Launchpad.

We have created a wiki page which explains the following bug statuses:

  • New: Bug has been just filed, no response from the contact/person in charge yet.
  • Incomplete: Cycle has ended and a (re-)verification application is not on file. OR Team has expired and a re-verification application is not on file.
  • Opinion: Everything that is not a (re-)verification.
  • Invalid: Bug is not valid (can be a duplicate or something really invalid).
  • Won’t fix: Team doesn’t exist / bug has been created in vain / team existed but is now closed.
  • Confirmed: Bug has been just filed and the contact/person in charge has replied.
  • Triaged: (Re-)verification will be discussed on a meeting.
  • In Progress: (Re-)verification voting procedure is currently open and the process is being followed on the bug, not on a meeting.
  • Fix Committed: Team is (re-)verificated, but its membership to ~locoteams-verified needs to be (re)set.
  • Fix Released: Everything has been done and team has been added to ~locoteams-verified, process is done.

We hope that this definitions can make the (re-)verification process and its stages more clear, and help everyone understand it better. If you or your team have any enquiries about the (re-)verification process, make sure to send us an email to, or drop by the #ubuntu-locoteams channel on (click here to access via a web client). Again, expect more from us soon!

New Logos Announced!

As many of you know, we opened a contest to find the new logos for the LoCo Teams and LoCo Council. After a while, we have finally decided that the winner is…

Sam Hewitt!

You should be seeing the new logos in place in a couple minutes on the ~locoteams and ~ubuntu-locouncil teams on Launchpad. You can check the logo set on SVG format here. We should remind you that the set is licensed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 License. Thanks to all people who participated with their logos, and make sure to expect more news from us soon!

The Situation in Thailand

A prime minister fled police protection.

Protesters are assaulting police who have been ordered not to resist the assaults.

A financial wire notes on their Twitter feed that the Army chief won’t step in to stop the political unrest.

Protesters even sought the removal of barriers to police headquarters and Government House as part of the plan to seize the police headquarters.

A truce was effectively called to respect the King’s birthday.

The nation’s parliament was dissolved with a call for a fresh elections except that the leader of the opposition protesters said forcing a snap election was not the goal while getting an unelected body of picked “good people” to run the country was.

One could hope these were scenes from some new dystopian novel or film. Sadly, they’re what we found after we learned that Ubuntu Thailand had its website go offline when protesters knocked out the data center where it was hosted. Ubuntu Thailand handles their own web and forum hosting on their own server which unfortunately has non-technical issues at the moment.

With the civil unrest in Thailand now entering a third week, LoCo Council has decided to postpone further consideration of their Verification application until matters become more settled. In keeping with normal policy, Ubuntu Thailand will remain in Verified status until we conclude our handling of the application. The priority now must be preservation of the safety of life and the protection of property for those affected by this situation in Thailand. In the grand scheme, we come in a bit lower in priority when there is talk of civil unrest and insurrection being thrown about.

We’re keeping the Thai community in our thoughts as things have the potential to get very interesting very quickly. Hopefully you will remember them too.

Three Teams Verified

Due to time zone constraints, LoCo Council also handles Verification check-ins with teams via private bug e-mails in Launchpad. The Council recently closed out three separate check-ins with communities across the planet. Communities that have been recently verified include:

Leaders of Ubuntu communities are encouraged to read through these check-in applications and others to learn what is happening in other communities. The life of our communities cannot be a top-down directed matter and much can be learned from lateral team-to-team contact. Why re-invent the wheel when you have the experiences of others to possibly draw on?

Let us celebrate the diversity of Ubuntu communities we have around the planet and cheer on the efforts of our comrades in Morocco, Brazil, and Portugal. Coming up on the Council’s agenda is the Verification check-in for Ubuntu Ohio that is applied for here to be handled in an IRC meeting as well as such other check-ins that may be brought before the Council.

If you have questions about the Verification process, feel free to contact the LoCo Council at to discuss the matter.

LoCo Logo Contest!

Hello all!

Here in the LoCo Council we think that out current logos are quite old, so we are opening a proposal for everyone who would like to participate. We are asking you to design one logo for the LoCo Teams and one for the LoCo Council, so we use that logos in all our pages/profiles and other LoCo related communications.

There are, though a couple rules to follow. First, you need to take in account the Ubuntu Brand Guideline, and also provide the logo in SVG format to the LoCo Council. Proposals should be sent to the LoCo Council Mailing List (loco-council [AT] lists [DOT] ubuntu [DOT] com), and should contain both logos.

Deadline for the proposals is the 25th November, we will quickly choose one after sumbissions are closed!  All submissions must be made under a Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0 license with copyright assignment.

Thanks for participating, we hope to see all your designs soon!