Monthly Archives: June 2011

LEP #1, Standardizing the LoCo Team Display names

Hello, World! The first LEP (LoCo Enhancement Proposal) has been kicked off to, currently pending review and approval. If you’re a LoCo Team Contact, or just plain like LoCos, please read on the change and provide any feedback you’d care to share! Following is the full text of the mail sent out to the […]

LoCo Council Meeting Digest

Here’s a digest of the latest re-approvals at the LoCo Council Meeting: Teams processed: Ubuntu Ireland (Approved) Ubuntu Japan (Approved) Ubuntu Denmark (Approved) Ubuntu Venezuela (Approved) Full logs can be found on   Happy Hacking! Ubuntu LoCo Council

Hello, World!

Hello, World! This is the first (in hopefully many) of our official Ubuntu LoCo Council blog posts. I hear many of you asking “Why” out there. Well, we figured the that it might actually help a few different ways. The first (and largest) reason is that this will enhance transparency on the team. We’ll be […]