LEP #1, Standardizing the LoCo Team Display names

Hello, World!

The first LEP (LoCo Enhancement Proposal) has been kicked off to lists.ubuntu.com, currently pending review and approval. If you’re a LoCo Team Contact, or just plain like LoCos, please read on the change and provide any feedback you’d care to share!

Following is the full text of the mail sent out to the contacts:

Proposed-By: Paul Tagliamonte
LoCo Council
Scope: All LoCo Teams, Worldwide
Status: Draft
Rational: loco.ubuntu.com looks inconsistent and sloppy

Howdy, LoCo Contacts,

The LoCo Council has drafted up a proposal to standardize the display
name of all LoCo teams to help un-uglyfy the LoCo Directory team

[1]: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/

Submitted below (for your comments) is the draft we came up with.
Let's get this stable so we can get it kicked out (barring rational
and clear objection) as an official policy within the next week or so.
Please keep comments on this thread, and please keep them productive
and clear.

Dear LoCo Team Contacts,

During UDS-O we discussed easy ways in which we could help improve the
LoCo Directory for future Ubuntu fans and contributors. One of the
ideas that we came up with was to improve discoverability of teams in
the LoCo Directory (http://loco.ubuntu.com/). To help achieve this
we'd like to request that teams standardize their display names in

In order for this to work, the changes will need to be made by all
LoCo Teams whose team names don't conform to the standard set out
below. Note that we're open for suggestions on improving this. The
standard is not set in stone, but we do want to standardize the names.
There's some really good reasoning behind this desired change of LoCo
Team display names. We have received e-mails from people that have
recently began using Ubuntu and are interested in joining LoCo Teams
that are near them. They have contacted the LoCo Council stating that
they are having problems narrowing down LoCo Teams that are near them,
partly due to the inconsistency in LoCo Team display names being.

There are other factors such as the LoCo directory user interface, and
the number of sub-teams that some LoCo Teams have, but we see this
name change is a crucial part of the improvements.

We would like to clean up the LoCo Team display names during the
Oneiric Cycle, so that means before October 2011. With a real
coordinated effort we should have no problem in reaching this goal.

We have come up with a basic standardized format for team "display
name" on Launchpad, they should be in the following formats:-
* "Ubuntu COUNTRY_NAME Local Community". e.g. "Ubuntu United Kingdom
Local Community"
* "Ubuntu REGION_NAME, COUNTRY_NAME Local Community". e.g. "Ubuntu
Hampshire, United Kingdom Local Community"

In addition the "team name" field should be standardized to:-

"ubuntu-CC" (where CC is the agreed de-factor ISO country code of your
country). e.g. ubuntu-uk
"ubuntu-CC-Region" e.g. ubuntu-uk-hampshire

The Country name and/or Region name should be specified either in
English _or_ in the local language - at the preference of the team

In short, we will be working to the following formats:

Team Name: (actual team name on Launchpad)
* lp:~ubuntu-ie
* lp:~ubuntu-us-ohio

Please be careful to use the actual de-facto ISO code of your country.

Display Name:- (as seen by users)
* Ubuntu Ireland Local Community
* Ubutnu Ohio, USA Local Community


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