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Want to get your DVD Pack first? Pre-order now!

We have just received news from Canonical that all verified LoCo Teams contacts who have pre-ordered a 14.04 DVD pack will receive it from the first shipment. This will only apply for those who register until April 8th, 2014. So, if you are the contact for a verified team and have not pre-ordered your DVDs […]

14.04 DVDs/CDs: Pre-Orders now open for verified LoCo Teams!

Hello, everyone! As you read it, pre-orders for 14.04 DVDs/CDs are now open for verified LoCo Teams. Only the team contacts should request this DVD/CD pack, which will be sent to the address they specify. These packs contain 150 Desktop DVDs and 25 Server CDs. Packs will start shipping when available, which is estimated to […]

Updating Shippit to the New Term

Hi LocoTeams! In this moment we are working to update the new term -verified- and this change brings some troubles, by instance  the LocoTeams can’t order CDs in this moment, all this is because we are working on the updates to different sites and shippit is one of those. We expect to solve this deal […]

About Ubuntu 13.04 CDs/DVDs

Hi, Many people have been asking about the DVDs as it’s coming close to release time, Canonical have said that they will continue to print the LTS for LoCo teams to request for events, but they will only be printing LTS releases from now on, so there won’t be a 13.04 DVD. Following is the […]

Ordering your 12.04 CDs for LoCo Teams is now available

I’m happy to tell you that it is time to submit requests for pre-orders of the new 12.04 Release! As always, please submit your requests via the online form at It is vital that you correctly fill in all the required fields marked with an *. If these fields are left empty or are incorrectly filled in, your […]

Ordering 11.10 CDs is now open

It’s that time of the cycle again where Approved LoCo Teams get to order free CDs! PLEASE follow these instructions carefully. Note: This applies to APPROVED LOCO TEAMS only, please do not apply if you are not an approved team. PLEASE follow the instructions listed at Read that page and follow the link to Note: […]