Ordering your 12.04 CDs for LoCo Teams is now available

I’m happy to tell you that it is time to submit requests for pre-orders of the new 12.04 Release! As always, please submit your requests via the online form at


It is vital that you correctly fill in all the required fields marked with an *.

If these fields are left empty or are incorrectly filled in, your request will not be processed successfully. It is also important to include a zip/post code if you have one as this will help us process your request faster. Zip/post code is no longer a vital field as we understand that some countires do not have one.

I would also like to remind you that only a Loco team administrator can request a pre-order for CDs. If the request is submitted by anyone else the request will be declined.

Please note that we are no longer including Kubuntu CDs in the Loco packs effective with this release. The software, of course, will still
available on-line for download.

The release goes Live on the 26/04/12, so please get your pre-orders in as soon as possible.

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