Ordering 11.10 CDs is now open

It’s that time of the cycle again where Approved LoCo Teams get to order free CDs!
PLEASE follow these instructions carefully.

Note: This applies to APPROVED LOCO TEAMS only, please do not apply if you are not an approved team.

PLEASE follow the instructions listed at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoGettingCds. Read that page and follow the link to https://forms.canonical.com/lococd/

Note: The above linked page refers to ‘11.04 (Natty)’ CDs, but it is in fact for 11.10 (Oneiric) CDs. Apologies for the discrepancy.

 The request to be valid must fulfil following conditions:
– Status must be “Completed” 

– The team name must exist in Launchpad

– The Launchpad team must belong to the approved LoCo team (locoteams-approved)

– Requests should come from an administrator of the LoCo team as seen in Launchpad

– There should be only one request per LoCo Team (additional requests will be rejected)

From that list the most important bit is to make sure launchpad team name and launchpad username are entered correctly, exactly as it’s listed in the main page for the LoCo team in Launchpad.

The LoCo Council is not responsible for managing the distribution of CDs to LoCo teams. We are merely passing on the great news from Canonical!
Thanks folks.
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