How to set up a LoCo Check List

We’ve created a page on the LoCo Directory but also posting the content to our blog so more people can learn about how to set up a loco and the things you should do to help your team.
It aims to  help people who want to set up a LoCo Team in their area and the steps they need to follow.  We hope this simple step by step guide will make things easy for people to get involved and set up a team.
A LoCo Team is a Local Community of Ubuntu users. A LoCo Team can involve things such as local promotion, support in the local language, general encouragement to local users, mentoring, social events and much more. Most importantly however, it lets people find other Ubuntu users near them and experience the Ubuntu Community first hand.
LoCos are around to help promote or support Ubuntu and build communities in specific areas. Most LoCos have projects such as translating or customising Ubuntu for their specific area,or getting involved in the wider Ubuntu Community which is one of the things that makes Ubuntu great. The LoCos are a very important part of the Ubuntu Community.
Team Naming Standards and Setting up your team resources
Team Naming Standard
For Almost Everyone
Ubuntu-Country ISO Code
For the United States – (e.g. ubuntu-us-ut for Utah, ubuntu-us-ny for New York)
The following are a list of resources you should also set up, again, USA differ so please look at the naming examples for USA.
  • IRC: ubuntu-us-SS (e.g. ubuntu-us-ut for Utah, ubuntu-us-ny for New York)
  • Launchpad: ubuntu-us-statename, or state short code (e.g ubuntu-us-ohio, ubuntu-us-ma)
  • Mailing List: ubuntu-us-stateprefix (e.g. ubuntu-us-ut, ubuntu-us-ny, ubuntu-us-fl)
Setting up your team resources
One of the most critical tasks in running a successful team is to ensure it is easy for people to (a) get involved and (b) communicate with each other. This may require setting up some team resources.
Every team should have the following resources set up:
  • Mailing List – Mailing lists are hosted by Canonical at and each LoCo team should have a mailing list. An ubuntu-CC (CC is the ISO country code) mailing list for general discussion about Ubuntu in your language should be created. Email to request the creation of a mailing list. The list should be created within 2 weeks. If it is not, please contact the LoCo council to find out whether there is a problem with the request. United States teams should append the two-letter US Postal Code (state name) abbreviation for the relevant state (e.g. ubuntu-us-ca).
  • IRC Channel – IRC is a great way for the team to have real-time discussions about the group. You should register a channel on the freenode IRC network. has details of the expectations of IRC channels in the #ubuntu-* namespace.
So step by step:
Step 1: Create a team on Launchpad
Step 2: Create a Mailing list
Step 3: Create an IRC channel, add the loco bot to your team channel by mailing
Step 4: Create a wiki page for your team an example would be
Then automatically but not straight away your team will show up on the LoCo Directory –
If at any point you get stuck of need help please just ask the LoCo Council for help, you may mail us at and we will aim to help you as best we can.
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