About Ubuntu 13.04 CDs/DVDs


Many people have been asking about the DVDs as it’s coming close to release time, Canonical have said that they will continue to print the LTS for LoCo teams to request for events, but they will only be printing LTS releases from now on, so there won’t be a 13.04 DVD.

Following is the text from Canonical.

Textually: “Canonical will not be producing CDs for standard releases.We understand that to convert interested experimenters to Ubuntu users we need to provide an outstanding initial user-experience, and the ability for the user to explore and learn in safety with a supporting network of experts around them. The LoCo teams are a key to that second part as you provide a personal experience that’s local to the user. While we love users to be on the latest version of Ubuntu, the key thing for new users is a known, stable and supported environment. So to make sure we provide that we’ll be shipping you the LTS release CDs/DVDs rather than the latest standard release.”

Therefore, there won’t be CDs/DVDs for 13.04 as going forward the focus will be on LTS releases. The next production of CDs/DVDs will be 14.04. To bridge the gap till 14.04,we will continue to supply 12.04 CDs/DVDs for events. You can request CDs/DVDs for events through Shipit as normal.

Thank you for your continued and valuable support in making Ubuntu great.


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