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Interim Report on 2014 Census Effort

With regards to the recent census effort by the LoCo Council, it is necessary to provide an interim report as to our results. Out of the 161 teams that could potentially be contacted, members of the Council were able to send messages to 156.¬†Five teams were not contacted: New Zealand, Yemen, Panama, Idaho, South Dakota. […]

The Situation in Thailand

A prime minister fled police protection. Protesters are assaulting police who have been ordered not to resist the assaults. A financial wire notes on their Twitter feed that the Army chief won’t step in to stop the political unrest. Protesters even sought the removal of barriers to police headquarters and Government House as part of […]

Three Teams Verified

Due to time zone constraints, LoCo Council also handles Verification check-ins with teams via private bug e-mails in Launchpad. The Council recently closed out three separate check-ins with communities across the planet. Communities that have been recently verified include: Ubuntu Morocco (Check-in Application) Ubuntu Brazil (Check-in Application) Ubuntu Portugal (Check-in Application) Leaders of Ubuntu communities […]