Three Teams Verified

Due to time zone constraints, LoCo Council also handles Verification check-ins with teams via private bug e-mails in Launchpad. The Council recently closed out three separate check-ins with communities across the planet. Communities that have been recently verified include:

Leaders of Ubuntu communities are encouraged to read through these check-in applications and others to learn what is happening in other communities. The life of our communities cannot be a top-down directed matter and much can be learned from lateral team-to-team contact. Why re-invent the wheel when you have the experiences of others to possibly draw on?

Let us celebrate the diversity of Ubuntu communities we have around the planet and cheer on the efforts of our comrades in Morocco, Brazil, and Portugal. Coming up on the Council’s agenda is the Verification check-in for Ubuntu Ohio that is applied for here to be handled in an IRC meeting as well as such other check-ins that may be brought before the Council.

If you have questions about the Verification process, feel free to contact the LoCo Council at to discuss the matter.

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