The Situation in Thailand

A prime minister fled police protection.

Protesters are assaulting police who have been ordered not to resist the assaults.

A financial wire notes on their Twitter feed that the Army chief won’t step in to stop the political unrest.

Protesters even sought the removal of barriers to police headquarters and Government House as part of the plan to seize the police headquarters.

A truce was effectively called to respect the King’s birthday.

The nation’s parliament was dissolved with a call for a fresh elections except that the leader of the opposition protesters said forcing a snap election was not the goal while getting an unelected body of picked “good people” to run the country was.

One could hope these were scenes from some new dystopian novel or film. Sadly, they’re what we found after we learned that Ubuntu Thailand had its website go offline when protesters knocked out the data center where it was hosted. Ubuntu Thailand handles their own web and forum hosting on their own server which unfortunately has non-technical issues at the moment.

With the civil unrest in Thailand now entering a third week, LoCo Council has decided to postpone further consideration of their Verification application until matters become more settled. In keeping with normal policy, Ubuntu Thailand will remain in Verified status until we conclude our handling of the application. The priority now must be preservation of the safety of life and the protection of property for those affected by this situation in Thailand. In the grand scheme, we come in a bit lower in priority when there is talk of civil unrest and insurrection being thrown about.

We’re keeping the Thai community in our thoughts as things have the potential to get very interesting very quickly. Hopefully you will remember them too.

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