Regular Council Meeting for December 2014

Meeting information

Meeting summary

Opening Business

The discussion about “Opening Business” started at 20:00.

  • Listing of Sitting Members of LoCo Council (20:01)

    • For the avoidance of uncertainty and doubt, it is necessary to list the members of the council who are presently serving active terms.
    • Pablo Rubianes, term expiring 2015-04-16
    • Marcos Costales, term expiring 2015-04-16
    • Jose Antonio Rey, term expiring 2015-10-04
    • Sergio Meneses, term expiring 2015-10-04
    • Stephen Michael Kellat, term expiring 2015-10-04
    • Bhavani Shankar, term expiring 2016-11-29
    • Nathan Haines, term expiring 2016-11-30
  • Change in Council Composition (20:02)

  • Introductions by Bhavani Shankar and Nathan Haines (20:03)

  • Quorum Call (20:06)

    • Vote: Quorum Call (All Members Present To Vote In Favor To Register Attendance) (Carried)

Verifications and Re-Verifications

The discussion about “Verifications and Re-Verifications” started at 20:09.

Referred Business

The discussion about “Referred Business” started at 20:47.

Any Other Business

The discussion about “Any Other Business” started at 20:51.

Closing Matters

The discussion about “Closing Matters” started at 20:52.

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