LoCo Council’s November Meeting, Re-Approvals

Salutations! The LoCo Council and I wanted to take a moment and give a quick update on yesterday’s (November 20, 2012) meeting. We had two teams go for their team re-approval, and both teams received unanimous +1’s from the LoCo Counselors that were present.

Ubuntu Asturian Team –

The Asturian LoCo has definitely done an outstanding job on spreading the word about Ubuntu, they have several projects that are geared towards reaching the youth, and have also been instrumental with helping with official agencies migrate to Ubuntu. They have done some really great translation work, and definitely harbor the Ubuntu Community Spirit! They have held several release parties and participated in Global Jams. For teams that are about to go through the re-approval process, check out their Reapproval Wiki here. We’d like to say thanks to the Asturian LoCo for doing such a wonderful job.

Ubuntu Czech Republic Team –

The Czech Republic Team has been very busy with Translations, Marketing and Advocacy, and their online forums. They have also participated in several release parties, and global events. Their roadmap looks very promising, and we are confident that this team will achieve even more during thier next 2 years of being approved. They had expressed wanting to create another published book that would be updated from 10.10, but unfortunately it is going to be cost prohibitive for them, since they no longer have a local publisher willing to reasonably take their work to print. We made the suggetion that if they really wanted to work on an updated version, to try something similar to kickstarter and see if they can raise funds in that or a similar fashion to realize their goal.
If you’d like to read more about their activities, they are spelled out quite nicely on their re-approval wiki located here.

It is very nice when teams get the chance to share and highlight all of their events and hardwork, and I and the rest of the Council really appreciate both of the teams that went for re-approval. Not only for all of the effort they put into their wikis, but especially for all of the wonderful things they have done and are planning to do for Ubuntu.

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