An amazing cycle for the LocoTeams

This has been a really amazing cycle! The Loco Council would like to say congratulations to all teams that have worked this cycle to become approved teams, in our work we have tried to help to the Loco Teams to fix any troubles and share ideas about how their teams are  and how they could encourage other Loco Teams.

We have had a lot of teams approved for this cycle (Quantal): On this page you can see all information about the applications (in wiki format), these applications have all recent information about the status of the Loco Teams plus pictures, videos, projects and even more great items 😀

We have also approved the following teams that were from cycles prior to Quantal:

Ubuntu Quebec:
Ubuntu Oregon:
Ubuntu Russia:
Ubuntu Egypt:
Ubuntu Belgiam:
Ubuntu Nederland:
Ubuntu Montenegro:


If interested, you can see our logs of the meetings between the LC and the Loco Teams here:

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