Coming up with another term for Approved LoCo Teams – Discussion

A topic that comes up frequently on blog posts we’ve seen and also from talking to people is the word “Approved”LoCo it doesn’t empower people at times. The feedback is that the word approved loco is not great to motivate others who have not been approved or at some point were approved and then not approved.

There are many ways to look at this, and it may not change, but if we don’t discuss it then we’ll forever seen these comments elsewhere. Currently we have the group LoCo Teams and then two subsets, Approved and unapproved. Neither of which are particularly great but do convey in all languages what they mean. We also appreciate not everyone feels this way and many like the word approved so lets see if we could possibly find something better.

Ideally the unapproved loco team would just be called LoCo Team and then the Approved LoCo team could be called or their status level could be:

* verified loco team
* evaluated loco team
* sponsored loco team
* reviewed loco team

status = Verified, Evaluated, Reviewed, Sponsored

*Ubuntu LoCo Teams ($status)* — for the team that has been recognised as a team in good standing and that receives sponsored items from Canonical

*Ubuntu LoCo Teams –* for regular teams that are just formed and have not  been evaluated.

If you have a better suggestion why not let us know. This was discussed at the last LoCo Council IRC Meeting –

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