Three month wrap-up

The new LoCo Council has been a little lax with updating this blog. It’s admittedly taken us a little bit of time to figure out what exactly we’re doing, but we seem to be on our feet now. I’d like to rectify the blog issue by wrapping up the first three months of our reign in a summary post to get us back on track.

December 2017

This was the first month of the new council, and our monthly meeting took place on the 11th. We had a number of LoCo verification applications to review.


Arizona had a strong application, with lots of activity, and an ambitious roadmap for the coming year. Despite their having multiple members in attendance, no questions were necessary to receive a unanimous vote for re-verification.


This one was more difficult. Their application listed the most recent event to be in 2016, although with some digging it looked like they might have had activity in 2017 as well. Unfortunately, they had no members in attendance to answer our questions, so we voted unanimously to provisionally extend their status for two months in order to give them a little more time to get their application in order.


This was probably the quickest re-verification in history. Their application was comprehensive, with an incredible number of activities over the last several years. Their re-verification was unanimously granted.


This one seemed to have an up-to-date application, but none of the supporting documentation seemed up-to-date, and no members were in attendance. We again voted for a two-month extension.


Portugal had several team members in attendance, and their application was impressive. They even split events into those that they organized, and those in which they participated (but did not organize) because the lists were too long to manage. They were unanimously re-verified.


Their application was still in draft form, and they had no one in attendance. We again provisionally extended two months.


Our January meeting took place on the 8th, and our agenda included two LoCos that were provisionally extended in December.


This time, Tunisia had members in attendance. Their application was similar to the one we reviewed in December, but this time they were there to explain that they actually have nearly 300 wiki pages that previous leadership had created, and they were in the midst of pruning them. They’re also working very hard to grow membership. After some discussion, we agreed that they seemed to have a solid plan and good leadership, so we unanimously voted to re-verify.


Once again, Myanmar had no members in attendance, and their application timestamp was the same as when we reviewed in December. As a result, we decided to skip reviewing the application and wait for February.


Our February meeting took place today, on the 12th. Our agenda included two LoCos that were provisionally extended in December.


This time, Myanmar had some members in attendance. However, the timestamp of their application still hadn’t changed since the December review. Fortunately, members were there to answer our questions. They explained that there was activity, but it hadn’t made it to the application. They promised to update the application if we extended for one more month, which we did. This was not unanimous, however.


Their application was no longer in draft form, but we still had a number of questions about their application. In an email to the Council, their leadership requested that we have our discussion in Launchpad since they couldn’t make the meeting. We obliged, and provisionally extended their status for one month.

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