Call for nominations to the LoCo Council

Hello All,

As you may know the LoCo council members are set with a two years
term. Due this situation we are facing the difficult task of replacing
existing members and a whole set of restaffing. A special thanks to
all the existing members for all of the great contributions they have
made while serving with us on the LoCo Council.

So with that in mind, we are writing this to ask for volunteers to
step forward and nominate themselves or another contributor for the
five open positions. The LoCo Council is defined on our wiki page.


Team Agenda:

Typically, we meet up once a month in IRC to go through items on the
team agenda also we started to have Google Hangouts too (The time for
hangouts may vary depending the availability of the members time).
This involves approving new LoCo Teams, Re-approval of Approved LoCo
Teams, resolving issues within Teams, approving LoCo Team mailing list
requests, and anything else that comes along.

We have the following requirements for Nominees:

  • Be an Ubuntu member
  • Be available during typical meeting times of the council
  • Insight into the culture(s) and typical activities within teams is a plus

Here is a description of the current LoCo Council:

They are current Ubuntu Members with a proven track record of activity
in the community. They have shown themselves over time to be able to
work well with others, and display the positive aspects of the Ubuntu
Code of Conduct. They should be people who can judge contribution
quality without emotion while engaging in an interview/discussion that
communicates interest, a welcoming atmosphere, and which is marked by
humanity, gentleness, and kindness.

If this sounds like you, or a person you know, please e-mail the LoCo
Council with your nomination(s) using the following e-mail address:

Please include a few lines about yourself, or whom you’re nominating,
so we can get a good idea of why you/they’d like to join the council,
and why you feel that you/they should be considered. If you plan on
nominating another person, please let them know, so they are aware.

We welcome nominations from anywhere in the world, and from any LoCo
team. Nominees do not need to be a LoCo Team Contact to be nominated
for this post. We are however looking for people who are active in
their LoCo Team.

The time frame for this process is as follows:

Nominations initially opened: Friday 1st September, 2017

Nominations will close: Wednesday 25th October 2017

We will then forward the nominations to the Community Council,
Requesting they take the following their next meeting to make their

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